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Just a reminder ahead of this weekend at Cobham - Please take a second to read if riding at one of our club practices.

Dear Members,

Following the good news that the ACU are now allowing permits to be issued for club / practice trials, we are arranging permits for a few closed to club practice trials.

A condition of the ACU is that clubs must submit a written Risk Assessment with the permit application to demonstrate that control measures will be put in place to mitigate the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus.

These briefing notes provide useful information to riders on how our club practice trials will be run and form part of our risk assessment. Please review in advance of attending a practice trial to ensure you can help eliminate the COVID-19 risks.


Travel - Vehicle Sharing is not permitted outside of the family unit

Social Distancing – all riders and officials shall respect social distancing and maintain >2m distance between each other. Vehicle parking shall be >2 m apart on either side of vehicles and sufficient space allowed for unloading to maintain social distancing.

Signing on – no on the day entries are allowed, no payments can be accepted on the day. Entries should be made online via the ACU website. Riders should prepare their own number plate / card and this card shall be help up to the secretary of the meeting at the signing on desk from a safe distance (>2m). The riders name will then be ticked off the attendance list.

Cleanliness – all riders are responsible to providing their own soap, hand sanitiser and wipes

Litter and Waste – it is the responsibility of each rider / official to take their own litter / waste away with them.

Briefing – these notes form most of the practice event briefing, other relevant messages / information will be posted onto a blackboard / whiteboard located near signing on station.

Walking sections – no more than 3 riders walking a section at any time. Walk section using one way system, and maintain social distancing.

Riding sections – on arrival at a section all riders must observe social distancing and must not park or queue within two metres of another rider. Riders should only attempt sections that match their ability.

Emergency Services. The local NHS Accident & Emergency centres for Cobham are:
Medway Maritime Hospital
Windmill Road

Darrent Valley Hospital
Darenth Wood Road

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